Nick-GajewskiMany of us tend to forget that our personal finances need cleaning and attention just like our homes and lawns.  Spring is an excellent time for a financial evaluation!

Take Stock of Your Financial Situation

Now that the expenses of the holiday season and tax time are behind us, I recommend everyone take stock of his or her financial situation over the past year.  Are you in a better financial position than you were this time last year?  What bills are you paying out each month?  If you haven’t done so in a while, now is a great time to balance your check book and make a budget for the household.  All too often I hear from clients that everything seemed to be going well until one small change threw everything out of balance until it snowballed into an unmanageable financial mess.  In reality, it is very rare that one small change alone can cause that much trouble.

Think of it like an avalanche.  One snow storm isn’t enough to cause it, but if you let too many build up without paying attention then the lightest touch can trigger a disaster.  The same is true with your household finances.  If you take the time now to do a thorough review, then you’ll be able to identify potential problems.  Maybe you have more going out each month than you realize, and that cushion in your budget isn’t as big as you thought.  A little planning now can save a lot of trouble later and give you the knowledge you need to make good financial decisions for the rest of the year.

One of the most difficult parts of filing a bankruptcy case is facing the whole problem at once.  So this year, in addition to spending time to cut the grass or dust the house, use some time to go over your budget.  If you aren’t happy with your finances or if you realize that your bills are getting to be more than you can handle, call one of our locations to set up a free initial consultation.  We have convenient offices in Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi, and our attorneys have years of experience advising people on resolving financial dilemmas.

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