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Many government and private employers require that their employees hold and keep a secret or top-secret security clearance issued by the federal government for their jobs. Of course, all military service members are also required to hold and retain, at a minimum, a secret security clearance and, oftentimes, a top-secret security clearance. There are areas of the country, notably Washington, D.C., Chicago, California and Huntsville, Alabama, where the lack of a security clearance can pose a real and substantial hardship on someone trying to get a good paying job. This is especially the case where approximately 65% of all the work done in many of these locations requires access to classified material through either a public trust, secret, top-secret, or nuclear security clearance. As a former U.S. Army active-duty and reserve Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer, I have successfully handled security clearance cases for several years, covering all areas of concern to the government to include financial considerations, drug involvement, alcohol consumption, personal conduct, criminal conduct, sexual behavior, foreign influence, foreign preference, misuse of information technology and security violations. A link to my biography is here.

I work with my security clearance clients through the initial stages of the process with a client interview and discussion, evaluation, responses to problematic and concerning SF 86 questions, answers to interrogatories, a formal reply and response to a Department of Hearings Office of Appeals (DOHA) Statement of Reasons and intent to revoke a clearance and all administrative hearings before administrative law judges. My goal with all of my security clearance clients is to put their clearance issues to rest at the lowest possible level. I am keenly aware of the importance of a security clearance for both a military career and government and civilian contractor employment in order to allow people to do work that they are proud of, while maintaining good paying jobs that allows them to adequately and comfortably take care of their families. I get to know my clients well over time on a personal level and each of my clients has immediate access to me at all times through email and my personal cell phone number. The situation where a clearance and/or job is being revoked and lost is very stressful and the waiting time and worry can take a very real toll on people and their families. You can read former client reviews by a number of satisfied security clearance clients that I have helped in the past.

National Security Clearance Help

As an attorney licensed to practice law in Alabama, Illinois, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., and a number of federal courts to include the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims, I represent security clearance clients throughout the entire United States and the world. I can help anyone who has any type of security clearance issue, concern, or potential denial and revocation regardless of where you live or work.

If you would like to contact me to discuss your situation, please feel free to email me by clicking here.

You can also call me at any of my office locations:

Huntsville, Alabama: (256) 713-0221

Chicago, Illinois: (312) 796-0163

Nashville, Tennessee: (615) 590-3478

Washington, D.C. (202) 851-2919

If you have received a Statement of Reasons (SOR) to revoke or deny your security clearance from your Facility Security Officer (FSO), please feel free to contact me anytime (day, night or weekends) to discuss. Likewise, if you need to answer your SF 86 and have concerns about some of the questions and your proposed answers, please contact me immediately as well. If you have any worries or concerns or if your clearance looks like it will be denied or revoked, I find it to be most helpful if I am involved in the security clearance process as early as possible. Time is usually of the essence with security clearance issues and I can be available immediately to help you.

All of my prospective clients who do a paid consultation with me will receive a free e-copy of my book, Security Clearance Issues, Problems, Denials and Revocations. This book is also available for purchase at Amazon.

As a veteran who was awarded two Meritorious Service Medals, I know what it means to serve and what it means to have and to keep a security clearance and how important it is to a person’s work and livelihood. You will have my solemn and sincere promise that I will treat your security clearance situation as if I was helping a member of my own family. Please feel free to review some of my most viewed blog posts that focus on security clearance issues below. Thank you and I look forward to helping you. Ron Sykstus

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  • Reviews and Client Testimonials

    Best security clearance lawyer

    Posted by Derrick 5 Stars

    After consulting with many clearance lawyers, I decided to hire Mr. Sykstus’s services. Definitely one of the best decisions I have made to date. I had a criminal background that had cost me several good work offers when a background check was performed. When I brought my case to Ron he listened attentively, was very informative, and knowledgeable on security clearance process. He offered me his book and also helped walk me through the entire process of the SF-86 application. He helped me wuth all my responses as he made time to help me complete the entire application thoroughly. He made himself available for clarification on all my questions and treated my case with alot of care, concern, and continous guidance. Ron was truly God sent because thanks to his advice and his assistance, I was recently offered security clearance. I can hoestly say wihtout Mr. Systus help I would have been lost and my lack of uderstanding might have cost me my clearance. I am very thankful and appreciative for his help and I would highly recommend Ron Sykstus as a top notch lawyer in many areas espacialy security clearances. I would definitely use his services or recommend him to other people. If you chose his services you would not regret it.

    Successful Security Clearance Client of Ron Sykstus

    Posted by Anonymous 5 Stars

    I hired Mr. Ron Sykstus to represent me for a hearing to keep my security clearance. Mr. Sykstus was courteous, responsive, thoughtful, and extremely knowledgeable. However, above this, Mr. Sykstus sincerely cared about my hearing and its impact on my career. When he contacted me that my clearance was granted, Mr. Sykstus was genuinely glad that this hearing worked out in my favor. I believe that it is Mr. Sykstus’s sincere commitment to his clients in combination with his professionalism that ensures the best representation one would hope for.

    One of the most experienced Attorneys for security clearance cases

    Posted by Richard 5 Stars

    I had a security clearance case, which was very important for my career and my family, I was fortunate to meet Attorney Ronald Sykstus as he was able to put me on the right path after my first interview with him, he then arranged for my hearing, studied my case very carefully and with confidence and professionalism arranged all the keys for the success of my case, he demonstrated a lot of knowledge, confidence, sincerity and experience during my hearing which turn it into success. I was very fortunate he represented me and was able to get my security clearance granted which was very important for my career and family.

    Security Clearance Granted!

    Posted by Charles 5 Stars

    Hiring Ron was the smartest thing my family and I done. He was recommended to me by a local defense attorney, by saying this is the person that can get you through the Department of Defense clearance nightmare.

    At first I questioned the amount of money needed to hire Ron, but after attempting to deal with this on my own, I realized this man has a gift and expertise like no other. He was compassionate to my situation, he listened and was dedicated to see me and my family through this. He knows how to work through the red tape bureaucracy. He made the process easy for me, he was professional and stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire ordeal. Ron got my family back their livelihood, without him we would have lost everything.

    As defense contractor, having a top secret clearance is required for me to do my job, without it I am no longer unemployable and would have to find another way to provide for my family.

    If anyone reading this has any question of whether its worth paying the money and hiring Ron, let me assure you, IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY! RON SAVED ME AND MY FAMILY!

    Ron Comes Through For You

    Posted by anonymous 5 Stars

    In applying for a security clearance, a situation from 30 years ago became a potential issue. Ron provided clear, expert guidance when I needed it most. He was available in a very timely way and guided me through what could have been a very stressful time. Ron is five stars all the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney.


    Posted by Deshun 5 Stars

    Ron Sykstus is a professional and caring attorney. My process of appeal took close to three years from start to finish and during the entire time Ron Sykstus was helpful and attentive to my needs. Due to distance, I was unable to visit with Attorney Sykstus in-person so all of our case communication and preparations were conducted either by phone or email. Even though our communication means where limited to email or phone by no means subtracted from his exemplary service. Ron displayed expert knowledge of the security clearance revocation process and presented me with a specific plan of attack he thought would be successful. As I stated before this process took close to three years so I was surprised that he kept in touch with me over the long waiting period. It showed me he truly cared about me and my situation and I was not just another case file. In preparation for my hearing, Ron coordinated with me and my witnesses and prepared them for the final hearing before the Administrative Law Judge. At this time he had a torn rotator cuff but it did not deter him from advocating on my behalf. Ron appeared at my final hearing with his arm in a sling, giving the argument of my life and we WON. He won my case and I am now back to work at full duty capacity. Attorney Ron Sykstus is a great attorney and I would recommend him to anyone with a security clearance issue.

    Security Clearance GRANTED

    Posted by Tim 5 Stars

    As soon as my wife received her Statement of Reasons explaining that her clearance re-investigation was being denied based on guideline F, I began performing an extensive amount of research on who to hire to represent her. I talked to at least 10 other offices before getting a chance to speak with Ron. I knew immediately that he was who we would be hiring. He is very clear and concise from the beginning but also seemed to be way more knowledgeable and reassuring than any of the others. He performed as he said he would throughout the entire process. He was able to get the hearing canceled and have her clearance granted a week before the hearing was to take place and we couldn’t be any happier.

    Best lawyer for security clearance issues

    Posted by anonymous 5 Stars

    Ron Sykstus was there for me when i was struggling with my security clearance issues. I had fallen ill and had an investigation going on with my security office on the arsenal. I was distraught and scared that i would never get it rectified. As it was unfair for them to put an investigation on me when i was ill. I had nowhere to turn but for Rons assistance. Since we met i clearly explained the situation that i was involved in and he clearly told me what i needed to do. I got sponsored and worked with him on answering the SF86 questions. He held me hand all the way thru the questions that i had trouble with answering. I still habe a lite ways to go as Ron exained to me and was willing to stick by my side to the end. I recommend Ron Sykstus on helping you in a security clearance crisis as he has helped me.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy/Security Clearance Issues

    Posted by anonymous 5 Stars

    I hired Mr. Sykstus because I am a disabled veteran and retired military recently relocated to Redstone Arsenal as a federal employee. When I arrived was informed that my secret clearance was revoked because of issues with my credit. MR. Sykstus was excellent in knowledge of how to restore my clearance and resolve issues with credit by filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. He helped me saved my career. Francis

    Security Clearance Concerns

    Posted by Mike 5 Stars

    I had concerns with the outcome of my periodic security clearance after completing my SF86 and conducting my personal interview with the investigator. I reached out to Ron and discussed with him my issues and received a straight forward and honest path ahead. Changes had occurred since my last periodic review and all arrests, regardless if convicted or not, must now be reported. Even though mine were adjudicated favorably, Ron gave me the peace of mind and avenues to follow while awaiting the next step within the process. Even though adjudication for my arrests were favorable and my clearance continued, I would recommend Ron to anyone with any doubts, the sooner you contact him in the process, the better. After speaking with him, my answers to the investigator would of been different if I sought his advice earlier. He is one of the most professional, and personable, attorneys at law that I have ever associated with and comes highly recommended!

    Security Clearance Trial

    Posted by Shawn 5 Stars

    After hiring an attorney off the internet that claimed to “specialize” in security clearance matters. This attorney i hired off the internet helped me put together my response to the governments SOR (statement of reasons). This response was denied by DODHA and my case was set for trial to be heard by a federal administrative judge.

    At this point I was in real danger of loosing my security clearance, my job, my home, and everything else I’ve worked so hard for. I was referred by a lawyer friend of mine to Mr.Sykstus. He told me that he was the best person to contact to get my clearance issues fixed. He was 100% right, not only was Ron professional and knowledgeable, he was constantly in contact with me either via email or phone throughout the process. Keeping me in the loop the entire time leading up to the trial. He even gave me his personal cell number so I could get ahold of him outside of normal business hours should I have a question. He took care of everything for me, and did a fantastic job of laying out the details of my case to the judge when the time finally came for my case to be heard.

    I bet your wondering what the results of all this was. My name was 100% cleared and my clearance was reinstated. I truly believe without the help Ron and his legal team, that there may have been a completely different outcome to this matter. I possibly could have had my entire career ruined over something that I had nothing to do with.

    I wholeheartedly and without reservation would recommend Ron Sykstus to anyone that is having issues with their security clearance. Don’t be like me and waste your time and money trying to hire some so called “security clearance expert” off the internet and go strait to Mr.Sykstus from the start. You will save yourself a lot of time and money that way. He is truly an expert in his area of law and worth every penny. I can’t thank him enough for what he’s done for me and my family.

    Did Great work to keep my career on track!

    Posted by anonymous 5 Stars

    Mr. Sykstus did an amazing job representing me in a hearing and was able to resolve the issue. He was paramount in making this issue smooth and without much stress. I highly recommend him!

    Thankful for your help for my clearance hearing!

    Posted by anonymous 5 Stars

    I reached out to Ronald Sykstus in August of 2015 when I received a letter from the Department Counsel for the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals. I knew what my credit report looked like, I just spent the last 10 years using every penny I earned taking care of my mom through Alzheimer’s. Mr. Sykstus walked me through each of the SORs that had to be sent in to DOHA. He walked me through the steps I would have to take and was a word of encouragement when my case went in front of the judge. Today I heard that a decision had been reached in my favor. I realize this is rare. Quite frankly, I don’t know what I would have done without Mr. Sykstus help and encouragement.

    Security Clearance Expert!

    Posted by Matt 5 Stars

    Mr. Sykstus was clearly the right man for the job in my scenario! After having some difficulty retaining my security clearance, I was referred to him and he immediately began helping me. After the initial consultation, I did exactly what he asked. The documents of his request were mailed on Monday, and on Thursday my clearance issue was resolved! I would recommend Mr. Sykstus to anyone having any type of security clearance issue!

    Financial & DoD Security Clearance

    Posted by April 5 Stars

    Fifteen years ago (2001), I was a struggling single mother, going to school and working full time while trying to recover from an abandoned marriage. My ex-husband left me with an extreme amount of debt that I was unable to mitigate, and that I had to find resolution to so that I could be considered for a DoD Security Clearance – and I didn’t know where to begin.

    Mr. Sykstus not only walked me through a complicated and lengthy bankruptcy, but when that was complete, he also represented me during a DOHA Federal hearing whereby I was fighting for a chance to be issued a Clearance so that I could compete in my career field and raise my family solo.

    In May 2001, I graduated from college and was awarded my Clearance in the same month. My life changed forever. I went from a 35K/yr secretary to Civilian GS-13 over the last 15yrs. My girls are grown, both graduated from college, and I have Mr. Sykstus to thank for assisting me, both professional and personally, for the opportunities that I have been given.

    When I have a question or require representation, regardless of the area of expertise, Mr. Sykstus has always taken the time to communicate with me personally and direct me as appropriate. He is my first call, every time.

    Security Clearance Process Assurance

    Posted by anonymous 5 Stars

    During what should have been a routine recertification of my TS/SCI security clearance, a former employer (which happened to be a company that did not have a Facility Security Officer) had a change over in personnel. When they received their questionnaire from Office of Personnel Management (OPM), their input didn’t correspond with my SF-86 due to their lack of understanding of Government contracting and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). This raised a flag within OPM and they began their clarification process.

    After consulting with Mr. Sykstus, I pursued his recommendation to prepare and submit a memorandum for record to be submitted to the investigating agent to clarify the discrepancy by citing company policy as well as the FAR.

    This was unnecessary as my investigation was completed and my clearance was awarded prior to the package being received.

    Regardless, Mr. Sykstus’s knowledge and understanding of the process and procedures involved in granting or recertification of security clearances gave me the confidence that no matter how my case progressed, he had the experience and expertise to resolve my case in the most favorable manner. This peace of mind is why I sought his services and I’m glad I did

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