Debt Settlement or Bankruptcy? Which is Better?

Would debt settlement be a better choice?

The debt settlement companies around the country will certainly tell you their product is a better alternative than bankruptcy. They make promises – promises that people suffering from credit card debt like to hear. But too many consumers have found themselves in even worse trouble when debt settlement fails.

  • Bankruptcy lawyers and creditors are bound by the rules of the federal bankruptcy court. Their work and actions are monitored by the judge.
  • Debt settlement firms are often faceless companies with offices far removed from your community. It can be hard to track them down.
  • Debt settlement firms collect from the debtor, but do not always pay the creditors in a timely manner.
  • Credit card companies may get tired of waiting and decide to sue the debtor.

A debt settlement firm may promise to get you off the credit card treadmill and end your debt problems now, but they don’t always work as they are supposed to.

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