James EzzellSimply put, compassionate allowances are expedited decisions on applications for SSA disability benefits.

Not every applicant is eligible for this fast tracking, however; only those “whose medical conditions are so severe that their conditions obviously meet Social Security’s definition of disability,” per the SSA’s faq on the subject.

Receiving Compassionate Allowances

Over the years, I have seen a few of these granted versus a great number of cases that I felt should have been approved.  It almost seems like a roll of the dice as to whether or not you will get a SSA technician that will take the time to actually review an application and its relevant medical evidence thoroughly to determine a claimant’s eligibility for the program.

There is no separate application required for compassionate allowance decisions; they are screened for during the regular initial applications for DIB and or SSI.  See my earlier blog posts for more general information on applying for SSA disability benefits.

The SSA has a pretty long list of ailments on its website that gives you a good idea of the kinds of diagnoses required for consideration for a compassionate allowance award.  It is a difficult road.

Compassionate allowances are not the same as Presumptive Benefits, which they are sometimes confused for and vice versa.  Accordingly, I’ll cover this topic in my next blog post.

If you or your child have been denied SSA disability benefits or suffer from a severe impairment that is expected to last more than twelve months and that prevents you from doing any of your past or other work or is causing developmental delay in your child, please contact our office nearest to you to set up a free consultation appointment to discuss your situation.

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