Famous Bankruptcies

Do you know who has filed for bankruptcy?

Every year, a million Americans file for bankruptcy protection and a fresh start. Lots of famous people have filed over the course of our history. Here are a few that might surprise you.

  • The famous rodeo performer, Buffalo Bill, filed in 1913.
  • Famous singer Eddie Fisher filed in 1972.
  • Walt Disney, who turned cartoons into an empire, filed in 1923
  • Ulysses S. Grant, former general and U.S. president, filed in 1884.
  • Former president Abraham Lincoln filed in 1833.
  • Country singer Tammy Wynette filed in 1988.
  • Famous American author Mark Twain filed in 1894.
  • Boxing champion Leon Spinks filed in 1986.
  • Larry King, former CNN host, filed in 1971.
  • The former governor of Texas, John Connally, filed in 1987.
  • Wayne Newton, known as Mr. Las Vegas, filed in 1992.
  • P.T. Barnum, creator of The Greatest Show on Earth, filed in1871.
  • Henry John Heinz, the condiment king, filed in 1873.
  • Henry Ford’s first company filed for bankruptcy in 1903.

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