Josh Lawhorn Mississippi Bankruptcy AttorneyHomeowners across the United States continue to struggle with their mortgage payments. This is obvious from the estimated 700,000 foreclosures last year. Whether the financial issue is work related, health related, or of some other cause, people from all walks of life find it hard to pay their house note even when their mortgage company or servicer is cooperative. Sadly, many homeowners are not only facing problems with their finances. They are also experiencing a complete lack of assistance and, in some cases, strong opposition from their mortgage company.

One loan servicing company that I constantly come across with clients is Ocwen Financial Corp. According to a recent article, Ocwen is under investigation for, among other offenses, “back-dating” loan modification letters. If the allegations are correct, Ocwen sent out letters with earlier dates to make the homeowner believe that they missed their chance for a loan modification. This would give the illusion that Ocwen was trying to help the homeowner avoid foreclosure, when in actuality they had no intention of modifying the loan to a more affordable payment.

Ocwen is also being sued for assessing illegal fees. The lawsuit alleges that Ocwen would add unspecified fees of outrageous proportions which would in turn force the homeowner into foreclosure.

It is hard enough to make ends meet in this struggling economy without deceptive practices by your mortgage company. The good news is we can help. If you are facing foreclosure, we can help stop a foreclosure quickly and keep you in your home. We can also help fight unreasonable fees that your mortgage company may have assessed against you.  Whatever your financial problem, please contact our office nearest to you to set up a free private and confidential consultation visit with one of our licensed attorneys.


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