Loan and Mortgage Modification Help


Are you seeking a loan modification from your mortgage company?

Our law firm does not do loan modifications, but we can advise you about your options and stop a foreclosure action if the modification falls through.

  • The federal government is encouraging lenders to modify home mortgages and HELOC (home equity) loans by lowering interest rates, putting past-due payments at the end of the mortgage or writing down the principal.
  • Unfortunately, mortgage companies will sometimes hold out hope for loan modification until foreclosure is imminent.
  • Through bankruptcy, we can stop foreclosure and file a plan to catch up.
  • In bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge your unsecured debt or restructure your debt.

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If your mortgage company keeps delaying a loan modification, do not hesitate to call an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Your first consultation at Bond & Botes is FREE. Protect your home. Take steps to stop foreclosure.