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Many government and private employers require that their employees hold and keep a secret or top secret security clearance issued by the federal government for their jobs.  There are areas of the country, notably the Washington, D.C. area and Huntsville, Alabama, where the lack of a security clearance can pose a real and substantial hardship on someone trying to get a good paying job.  This is especially the case where, in D.C. and North Alabama,  approximately 65% of all the work done in these locations requires access to classified material through either a secret, top secret, or nuclear security clearance. As a former U.S. Army active-duty and reserve Judge Advocate General (JAG) officer, I have been successfully handling security clearance cases for several years, covering all areas of concern to the government to include financial considerations, drug involvement, alcohol consumption, personal conduct, criminal conduct, sexual behavior, foreign influence, foreign preference, misuse of information technology and security violations.   A link to my biography is here.

I work with my security clearance clients through the initial stage of the process with a client interview and discussion, evaluation, responses to problematic SF 86 questions, answers to interrogatories, a formal reply and response to a Department of Hearings Office of Appeals (DOHA) statement of reasons and intent to revoke a clearance and all administrative hearings before administrative law judges.  My goal with all of my security clearance clients is to put their clearance issue to rest at the lowest possible level.  I am keenly aware of the importance of a security clearance for both a military career and government and civilian contractor employment in order to allow people to do work that they are proud of, while maintaining good paying jobs that allows them to adequately and comfortably take care of their families.  I get to know my clients well over time on a personal level and they will have immediate access to me at all times through email and my personal cell phone number.  The situation where a clearance and/or job is being revoked and lost is very stressful and the waiting time and worry can take a very real toll on people and their families.  You can read former client reviews by a number of satisfied security clearance clients that I have helped in the past.

National Security Clearance Help

As an attorney licensed to practice law in both Washington, D.C., and Alabama, among other places, I represent security clearance clients throughout the entire United States so the fact that I reside in Alabama is not an issue as to whether I can represent someone with security clearance issues anywhere in the country.  If you would like to contact me to discuss your situation, please feel free to email me by clicking here or by calling me at my direct phone number, 256-713-0221.  If you have received a Statement of  Reasons (SOR) to revoke a clearance from your Facility Security Officer (FSO), please feel free to contact me anytime (day, night or weekends) to discuss.

As a veteran who was awarded two Meritorious Service Medals, I know what it means to serve and what it means to have and to keep a security clearance. You will have my solemn and sincere promise that I will treat your security clearance situation as if I was helping a member of my own family. Please feel free to review some of my most viewed blog posts that focus on security clearance issues below. Thank you and I look forward to helping you. Ron Sykstus

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