Business Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our office can represent your business or company and handle a pre-bankruptcy work out with creditors and can also guide you through the process of bankruptcy.

If you own a business and find yourself in a financial crisis, bankruptcy may be the answer.  If you are considering a business bankruptcy, the most typical form to consider would be a Chapter 11 reorganization.

Chapter 11 Business Bankruptcy

This form of bankruptcy allows an individual or business to reorganize its financial affairs while enjoying protection from creditors. This is typically a complicated process and our advice is to contact one of our licensed attorneys to assist you or your business in navigating this reorganization.

Chapter 13 Business Bankruptcy

It may also be that your business could benefit by exploring a Business Chapter 13. A chapter 13 is also presents an avenue for reorganization and works as a debt consolidation to help you reach that reorganization. The main focus of a chapter 13 for your business is to allow you to be free from creditor collection efforts while you pay the creditors over time through an organized plan.

Chapter 7 Business Bankruptcy

If you feel that it is time to discontinue or close your business, you may need to seek advice regarding liquidating your business through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. This form of bankruptcy is available to most businesses to help with liquidating assets of the business and allowing for an orderly closing and dissolution of the business and its liabilities.

Another option is to obtain competent counsel to assist you in a workout with your business creditors prior to taking the step into bankruptcy.

If you own a business, whether incorporated, a limited liability corporation, doing business as or sole proprietor and find yourself in financial hardship you should seek counsel as soon as possible . We offer a free confidential consultation with a licensed attorney who will sit down with you and explore all of your options.

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