Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

When you are struggling to pay minimum payments on your credit cards, your car payments are behind, and you can’t seem to pay your mortgage on time, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be perfect for you. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help reorganize your debts and, as a result, you can be debt-free in 3-5 years.

Benefits of Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The moment you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy,

  • As soon as you file for bankruptcy, you will no longer receive phone calls from collection agents. Notices that you continually receive in the mail will cease. You will be able to refer all of your creditors to the lawyer you have hired to handle your bankruptcy.
  • As you work to reorganize your debt with your chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, all actions that have been filed against you, including foreclosures, wage garnishments, and repossessions will also stop.
  • As part of your bankruptcy filing you will be able to cure the defaults on your mortgage and car payments.
  • Money that you owe to unsecured creditors such as credit cards and past medical bills can be reorganized, and you will owe less than you do now with a specific time period in which to pay back this debt.
  • Once you file for bankruptcy, your credit rebuilding begins.

Interest and penalties make your unsecured debt go quickly out of control. The amount you owe is generally far more than what you actually spent in the first place. When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, part of reorganizing your debt sets the amount you will pay back, and the payments will be based in part on your ability to pay back your creditors.

Pay Off Your Debts in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you the opportunity to get caught up on your debt by reorganizing your debt into a manageable repayment schedule. You will get caught up with your debts in a specific time period, anywhere from 3 to 5 years.

Debt consolidation offers are out there for people looking to get out of debt, but the promises made by debt consolidation companies can be false. It’s important to work with a local, reputable lawyer, who is monitored by a federal judge. All Chapter 13 decisions are binding on your creditors, and they can’t come after you for more money in the future.

When you make the decision to control your debt, it’s time to call a bankruptcy law firm that can help you. We understand that your circumstances are different from anyone else’s. That is why Bond & Botes chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers give every client the personal attention they need and deserve. Make sure you know your rights and are prepared to make the important financial decisions that will give you a fresh start. Your initial consultation at our law offices is FREE.

Our Attorneys Can Help

When you come to meet with an attorney at our practice, you should bring all the financial information that you have. This includes all past due bills, bank accounts, back tax records and more. Your bankruptcy lawyer will have to take a careful look at your finances, and you may be asked to provide a significant amount of documentation in order for a chapter 13 bankruptcy to be filed.

Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to take control of your financial future. Sometimes filing for bankruptcy is the best way to a more stable future. Instead of wallowing in paying credit card minimums and taking calls on a daily basis from creditors, it’s time to make a change that will give you a more stable financial foundation for your future.