Credit Card Debt Relief

Bankruptcy can help end credit card debt

When cash is short and the need is immediate, credit card debt can pile up quickly – way beyond what was originally spent. When the credit card debt isn’t paid at the end of the month, interest is added. If a payment is missed – even by a day – fees are added to the total.

  • Credit card debt can easily reach amounts where only the minimum payment is made – and making minimum payments will not pay off the debt for years, perhaps decades.
  • We have helped seniors who used credit cards for needed medicines and then found themselves unable to pay and harassed by creditors.
  • We have represented families hit with catastrophic emergencies that cut into their ability to make even minimum payments on their credit cards.

How can bankruptcy help with credit card debt?

  • First, it can stop creditor phone calls.
  • Second, it can discharge the debt leaving you debt free (Chapter 7) or reorganize your debt giving you lower payments you can afford (Chapter 13).
  • Third, you can have a fresh start, free of debt and free of harassment.

WARNING: There is no federal oversight of debt consolidation companies, and credit card companies are not bound by your agreement with a debt consolidation company.

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