Jace FerraezThere’s an old saying that most people have heard before: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”  But what does that phrase mean?  Simply put, what’s fair for one person should be fair for the other.  Effective January 1, 2017, Mississippi’s federal bankruptcy judges ordered that the “No-Look Fee” ceiling (or reasonable fee that an attorney may charge in a chapter 13 bankruptcy case) may be increased by $200.

Fee Ceiling

This new fee ceiling does several things.  First, it does not overburden the consumer debtor, who is already concerned about his or her financial situation.  Second, it fairly compensates attorneys who passionately advocate for their client over the life of the chapter 13 plan.  Last, and most important, it allows the attorney to focus on the client’s interest first.

As my other colleagues have written on this blog, we don’t know how much your bankruptcy is going to cost until we meet you and discuss your individual situation.  I don’t think I could describe the attorney-client relationship when it comes to fees any better than my colleague, Brad Botes:

“From day one, I have told the men and women who answer our phones that we cannot, and will not, quote a fee based upon a phone conversation alone . . .  [because] I don’t know how much I will charge you to file a bankruptcy until I have sat down with you in person, gotten to know you, evaluated your situation, decided that you need to file bankruptcy and, if so, what kind of bankruptcy.”

He aptly goes on to point out our mission as attorneys at Bond and Botes:

“You see, I want to help the person on the other end of the line get to a better place.”

And the new fee ceiling in chapter 13 cases doesn’t change that mission.  In fact, it allows us to continue to deliver the same quality and competent representation. What’s fair for us as attorneys should be fair to you as clients.  So, if you are struggling with debt and need some relief, all you need to do is get a competent lawyer and get going. Our lawyers have many years experience in helping people file and complete a Chapter 13 plan. We can help you too.




Jace Ferraez
Written by Jace Ferraez

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