birmingham bankruptcy lawyer robert reeseJust finished reading an article that was originally published in the New York Times on 1-9-15 entitled, “Debt Buyer Faces Fine in Doubtful Lawsuits”. As a bankruptcy and consumer law attorney, I read the article with great interest and it confirmed what I have previously thought and observed. The Attorney General for the State of New York reached a settlement with a Debt Buyer over concerns that the company had filed thousands of flawed debt collection lawsuits against state residents.

Although I only practice law in the State of Alabama, I see many clients who have been sued by third party debt collectors. Many times my client has no idea who is the plaintiff named in the lawsuit and there is no information mentioned or attached to give them a clue as to who is the original creditor. When faced with a lawsuit such as this or even just a collection letter, do not bury your head in the sand and think it will go away. There have been many times had my client reached out to my firm in the beginning, we could have prevented the lawsuit from becoming a judgement which has now become a garnishment of their wages and a lien against their real estate.

When faced with debt collections and lawsuits from debt buyers, your best option is to contact an experienced lawyer like myself and the lawyers at Bond and Botes. At Bond and Botes, we have always offered a free initial consultation to go over what are your legal options. Do not procrastinate, be proactive as it will make a big difference it the outcome.

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