birmingham bankruptcy lawyer robert reeseRecently while listening to the radio, an advertisement for debt settlement came through the speakers. As an attorney who primarily practices in the area of bankruptcy, I listened with great interest to the advertisement. The ad described how this debt settlement company could save the listener thousands of dollars by settling debts for pennies on the dollar through a process the banks and credit card companies do not want you to know about. You may have heard the same or a similar advertisement and thought this is something to investigate because it sounds like a great answer to my credit card debt.

The old adage that states, “that if it sounds too good to be true it probably is”, certainly applies with regard to debt settlement companies. My firm has represented many clients over the years that have gotten involved with debt settlement companies before retaining our services. They have paid these companies thousands of dollars with no results and in the process ruined their once good credit score.  In many cases, the debt settlement company has caused the creditor to file a lawsuit against them. Dealing with debt is a serious matter and should not be done by calling a 1-800 number and never meeting with the person or company who is representing you. Do not be tempted by these types of offers. You need the advice and counsel of an experience attorney when dealing with debt.

At Bond and Botes, we will look at all possible solutions and give you an honest assessment.  Your initial consultation is free and with an attorney, never a legal assistant or paralegal. Contact any of our offices today to start your recovery process.

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