The advent of credit in the United States has provided citizens with a huge convenience. It has allowed individuals to purchase things based on their trustworthiness, rather than simply their bank account balance.

The ease of obtaining credit is not without its downsides, however. Many people wake up to find themselves deep in debt, struggling to survive. If you are currently feeling stressful levels of debt, then here are a few tips that could help alleviate the problem:

1 – Always eat at home

This tip is on just about every debt-reduction list that has ever existed, and is page one from the “get out of debt” handbook, but that’s because it is so important. Eating out is orders of magnitude more expensive than eating at home. Sure, a quick fast food meal may only be $6, but an equivalent home cooked meal would most likely be $1 or $2. While that extra $4 may not seem like much, the fact of the matter is that it is 3 times as expensive, and it adds up quick. If you are starting to get stir-crazy eating at home, then you can always form a dinner group with friends, so that different people host a social dinner party. That way, you can still “go out” to eat with friends, and you will save money by eating at home as well.

2 – Plan out a budget

There is a huge convenience that credit cards bring to the table, but unfortunately they also make it a lot harder to keep track of purchases. It’s always a good idea to sit down and plan out exactly how much income the household makes, as well as all of its expenses. You may find areas where spending can be cut, or other areas where money is being wasted. It may be unpleasant, but you have to know the weak areas before you can strengthen them.

There will be more tips in future entries, but hopefully these few have helped get you started on the path of debt-stress-free living.

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Written by Bond & Botes, PC

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