What Can Bankruptcy Do for Me?

Learn how bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start.

Bankruptcy is something most people never expected to experience. Like most difficult decisions, after the decision has been made, our clients begin to feel relief. After months or years of dreading phone calls, hating to open the mail and worrying always about how the bills will be paid, the relief is easy to see on their faces.

What does bankruptcy do for them?

  • Bankruptcy eliminates the legal obligation to pay most if not all of their debts. The debts are gone. They have a fresh financial start.
  • Bankruptcy immediately stops any actions such as foreclosure and repossession. A home mortgage, car payment or other secured debt cannot be eliminated, but it can be put on hold.
  • As soon as the papers are filed, creditor phone calls stop, and any property that has been repossessed will be returned.
  • Bankruptcy stops wage garnishment.
  • Bankruptcy keeps utilities on – or restores them to service if they have been turned off.

Bankruptcy cannot discharge all types of debt, but it can make your financial life more manageable. Debt relief is a great opportunity for a fresh start.

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