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Here is a podcast with another well respected attorney from the highly regarded Bradley law firm.

Kevin Gray practices in the areas of banking and real-estate transactional work along with complicated bankruptcy matters. I have known him by his stellar reputation for several years but I got to know him personally during what we’ll call a poor man’s trip (if there is such a thing!) to Italy a number of years ago with his middle son, Riley, and my youngest son, Sam. We went on a high school trip for about nine days throughout Italy. The trip replicated what was known centuries ago as the Grand Tour of Italy for the youth of nobility to learn about the world. Of course, since it was a public school trip, we didn’t stay in the finest accommodations! Nonetheless, it was one of the most fun and relaxing weeks of my life. I think Kevin feels the same way. One of the things I learned about Kevin was his keen taste for the finest limoncello produced in Italy! It was really great to get to know this talented and accomplished lawyer on a personal level and I was happy to catch up with him again on this podcast.

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