Divorce and Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy after Divorce

Divorce often follows or causes financial difficulties.

Financial problems are often at the heart of a marriage breaking apart. Those financial problems can be even worse when there are two households to support instead of one. It is important to know that bankruptcy can provide debt relief for many financial obligations, but child support and alimony are obligations that cannot be discharged by bankruptcy.

  • You can file for bankruptcy on your own after the divorce. You do not need your former spouse’s permission or cooperation.
  • Alimony and child support must be paid. Bankruptcy cannot get rid of those obligations.
  • Filing for bankruptcy can help you get a fresh start in financial matters.

Divorce can be a confusing time – and that confusion and stress are compounded when there are financial problems. Know your rights, and give yourself the information you need to get your finances in order. Our debt relief attorneys can help.

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