Talk about someone who has packed a long and varied career into a fairly short period of time!  Mary Scott Hunter has a bachelor’s degree (1995), a law degree (1998) and a MBA (2017), all from the University of Alabama.  She didn’t stray far from her roots as her father, Scott Hunter, played quarterback for the Crimson Tide under the legendary coach Paul “Bear” Bryant before embarking on an NFL career.  Mary Scott began her career as a lawyer in 1998 as an active-duty Air Force Judge Advocate officer and, while in the service, met her husband, Jon Shultz, who served as an Air Force fighter pilot. Mary Scott now works at Intuitive Research and Technology mixing her legal and business skills in the areas of governance, compliance, ethics, and risk.  She jokes that she serves as “in house” counsel for her entrepreneur husband’s company, Resolution LLC, one of Huntsville’s many fast-growing small businesses.  Along the way, Mary Scott was also elected to and served two terms (2011 – 2019)  on the Alabama State Board of Education, and we have a little fun on this show debating politics.  In her “free time,” Mary Scott co-hosts a podcast called Belle Curve.  I enjoyed getting to know her on this episode.

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