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While I was serving on active-duty with the U.S Army years ago, I saw firsthand the many daily struggles and obstacles faced by soldiers. I wanted to be in a position to help them as veterans as well once they (and I) left active duty. A number of years after my military service, I discovered the National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates (NOVA). These are talented and dedicated attorneys throughout our country who help veterans with VA disability claims. As a result, I joined this organization and I devote about a quarter of my practice to this area of law assisting veterans. I attended a recent NOVA conference where I was able to sit down with attorney Chris Attig. Chris has a law practice devoted solely to helping veterans. This makes sense since Chris has served as a U.S. Army field artillery officer and a paratrooper and he also attended Ranger school. He is very well respected in this area of law. Chris does a great service to veterans’ lawyers as he spends a good bit of his time teaching and instructing others on how to best help veterans. Chris is focused, driven and very intelligent, and he is also has the ability to crystalize concepts down to a pretty basic and understandable level. I enjoyed getting to know him and his story on this podcast.

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