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Call me Alabama! You can’t go anywhere in Alabama without seeing Alexander Shunnarah’s billboards or seeing his ads on television. In fact, there are games and songs that have been made regarding his billboard advertising. Alexander Shunnarah‘s name has become synonymous with personal injury law in Alabama. In this podcast, you will find that Alexander has a sense of humor regarding his advertising as seen here and here. He has built a powerful law firm with a very well-respected team of lawyers. I had never met nor spoken with Alexander before I sat down with him for this podcast and I found him to be gracious, humble and just a nice guy with a tremendous work ethic and drive to succeed. It is clear that he is intelligent, tenacious and a visionary. Alexander has an interesting family history of how he got to where he is and I think you will enjoy hearing his story. I am glad that I got to know him.

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