Mary-Conner-PoolWant free groceries?  If so, on April 5th Winn Dixie is replacing its Fuel Perks program with Winn-Dixie Reward + Plenti.  Customers will be able to earn points buying groceries at Winn-Dixie or spending money at any Plenti reward partner.  You can earn points by:

  • Switching to AT&T
  • Buying gasoline at any Exxon or Mobile station
  • Buying goods at Macy’s and many other online retailers
  • Dining out at participating local restaurants

The Plenti reward program was launched by American Express.  For every 1,000 points your earn you receive $10 or more.  There are two ways to earn points:  1) shopping at participating partners and 2) activating participating offers in advance on the Plenti rewards website.

Winn-Dixie is one of the newest partners to join the program.  After accumulating your Plenti rewards, now you can use those points at Winn-Dixie to receive free groceries.  Who doesn’t want free groceries?  Winn-Dixie will still offer its sale prices to customers who have a Winn-Dixie Plenti card and the points are good for two years.  The current Fuel Perks program offered by Winn-Dixie would expire in a short amount of time so being able to use your Plenti points for up to two years is a huge benefit.

According to a recent article in the Montgomery Advertiser, during the test phase of Winn-Dixie’s new program, one woman used her Plenti card by making online purchases during the holidays and earned enough points to receive $120 of free groceries at Winn-Dixie.  The Plenti rewards work the opposite way too, if you purchase groceries at Winn-Dixie and use your Plenti reward card, you can use the points collected to purchase items from other participating Plenti partners.

Personally, I have been using the Plenti card for about a year and I love the program.  It allows me to earn money when I spend money with one of the participating Plenti partners.  I have mostly used my points at Macy’s since it is my favorite place to shop.  Now, I will be able to earn points when I shop at Winn-Dixie too.  This weekend I received $25 off a purchase by using my Plenti reward points.

On April 5th, you can receive your Winn-Dixie Plenti reward card at any Winn-Dixie location or online.  If you already have a plenty rewards card, then you can use that at any Winn-Dixie location.

Mary Pool
Written by Mary Pool

Mary Pool is a shareholder of the Bond & Botes Law Offices in Montgomery and Opelika, Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University at Montgomery, and a Juris Doctorate from Faulkner University’s Jones School of Law. She has represented thousands of clients over her more than 11 years working in the bankruptcy field. Read her full bio here.

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