Gail DonaldsonThis time of year, many people make New Year resolutions to exercise more, eat healthier or reduce their social media time.  For many, getting their finances in order is one of their “New Year-New Me” priorities too.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard through the years after I have explained bankruptcy options to clients, their first reaction is “I wish I had come here years earlier!”

Too Much Pride

In discussing their finances and why they in fact they didn’t come in years earlier, I have learned that “PRIDE” is the reason.  Some people are so proud.  They will never accept help whether it’s from friends, family, or the government.  They would rather struggle than admit that they need assistance. Why?!  Bankruptcy laws exist to help people in their time of need.  It can act as a safety net when all other attempts to get back on your feet, fail.  Many have misconceptions about how bankruptcy works from tall tales they may have heard from the media, friends or family.  We will explain the law as it applies to YOU and your situation.

Please do not be too proud to admit that you need help, remember why that help is there.  It doesn’t always work, but when financial help is offered, pride should not be a reason to turn it down or at least find out how it works.  You have no obligation to do anything after speaking to one of our attorneys.

Find out if the bankruptcy laws can give you the “fresh start” you may be looking for in 2017 by contacting one of our Bond & Botes attorneys today!

Gail Donaldson
Written by Gail Donaldson

Gail Hughes Donaldson is a Managing Partner of the Bond & Botes Law Offices in Montgomery and Opelika, Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University at Montgomery, and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law. She’s been helping families work through the bankruptcy process since she started with Bond & Botes back in 1993 as a paralegal. Read her full bio here.

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