Gail DonaldsonAs I picked up the office mail, I noticed that the window to the building was in the mist of being repaired.  I asked the post office employee what happened and heard the saddest story of the day.  A homeless man threw a brick through the window and sat down and waited for the police to arrive—so he could have a meal in jail.  How and why does this happen in America?!

This week, I had the opportunity to attend a Volunteer Lawyers Program/Bankruptcy Summit at the Alabama State Bar to find out how the Bar can better serve the poor in our state.  Believe it or not, attorneys across the state do want to help those in need with legal services for those who cannot afford it.  The meeting was held to learn about all the organizations in the state and what services they are currently offering.  Throughout the state, Alabama has Volunteer Lawyer Programs in Jefferson, Montgomery, Madison and Mobile Counties.  Each of these offices serve their communities in civil legal matters to include family court, consumer matters, and many other non-criminal matters.  If your income falls below the poverty limits, these services are available to assist you in legal matters.  Legal Services Alabama also handles civil legal matters to assist those unable to afford an attorney.  (See here for contact information)

As attorneys, we are called to assist those unable to afford an attorney and many of us have lots of pro bono hours each year as a result of our calling as lawyers.  But the need is great!

I pray that if we see a need where we can help, we all act at once so that no one else goes hungry in our country ever again.

Our office gives everyone a free consultation so please call one of our Bond & Botes offices if you need us!

Gail Donaldson
Written by Gail Donaldson

Gail Hughes Donaldson is a Managing Partner of the Bond & Botes Law Offices in Montgomery and Opelika, Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University at Montgomery, and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law. She’s been helping families work through the bankruptcy process since she started with Bond & Botes back in 1993 as a paralegal. Read her full bio here.

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