Mary, Gail, and Ms ReeseThis time of year, the added expenses of back to school expenses can really hurt our clients.  The supply lists seem to get longer and longer with paper products in addition to the notebooks, pencils and paper we expect every year.  This year, as a community outreach, our office “adopted” a second grade class at Highland Avenue Elementary School.  When we told Ms. Reese-Holley that we selected her class to purchase the supplies for all twenty-eight kids in her class this year, she was in complete shock.   She told us that in all her years of teaching, no one had ever done anything like that for her or her class.  We were so happy to help her and her students this year get off to a great start! We hope lots of learning and happy memories are created in her class.

If back to school has you in a bind, please contact one of our Bond & Botes offices to see if we can help you.

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