attorney Heather BanksWhen you have a crisis in your life like financial problems, it can be very difficult to make the leap to seek help.  I have made a list of 5 considerations that are helpful when deciding how to choose an attorney to help you with your finances.

  1. Did you feel comfortable with the attorney speaking about your financial issues?
  2. Was the attorney knowledgeable and explain the process of filing bankruptcy?
  3. How was the experience with the office staff?
  4. Were you given adequate information about bankruptcy or just quoted a fee?
  5. Was the attorney respectful?

Comfort in Speaking about Financial Issues

It is important that the person you hire talks with you in a private setting about your financial situation.  No one wants their business broadcast to the world.  Sometimes financial issues are caused by medical issues or criminal issues or family issues that you would rather other people not know.  Your discussions with the attorney should be private.

Knowledge of the Attorney

Obviously, the attorney should know something about bankruptcy.  If the attorney you speak to does not usually file bankruptcies or has filed very few, you may want a more experienced attorney.  Bankruptcy can be complicated to navigate, so you would want a competent attorney.

Office Staff

The attorney you select should have friendly and competent office staff.  A friendly face at the window and a helpful person on the phone makes the process so much smoother.  When preparing to file the bankruptcy and while going through the process until discharge, you will have contact with this office personnel.


Was the attorney respectful toward you?  I have heard so many people tell me they felt like garbage when they spoke to an attorney.  The person just was not very nice to them.  To have a good working relationship when preparing the bankruptcy petition and going through the whole process, you need to feel like your attorney has you best interest in mind and treats you with respect.

The Bond and Botes offices are knowledgeable, respectful, have great office staff and strive to have a very nice environment within which to discuss your financial woes.  We are happy to help.  Please contact one of our offices for a free consultation.


Heather Banks
Written by Heather Banks

Heather Ellis Banks is an Associate Attorney at the Bond & Botes Law Offices in Knoxville, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Memphis, Cecil.C. Humphreys School of Law. She has been helping consumers to navigate through the bankruptcy process since 2005. Read her full bio here.

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