Attorney Joshua LawhornA cancelled concert originally set for this weekend in Vancouver caused the promoters to seek bankruptcy protection. Paper Rain Performances scheduled a Bon Jovi concert several months ago, but failed to acquire the proper permits from the city of Vancouver. It seems that a lack of ticket sales may have been a factor as well. Despite Bon Jovi arguably being the second most popular musical group to come out of New Jersey, only about 60% of the 14,000 tickets were sold.

While it is not completely clear who should shoulder the most blame for the cancellation, both sides are pointing fingers. The promoters claim that a refusal of Bon Jovi’s management to provide access to the group for media interviews started the whole problem. They also claim that they requested a postponement of the concert, but were denied. Meanwhile, Bon Jovi’s management blames the promoter for failing to guarantee a properly-produced event. The band plans to hold up their side of the bargain as they have announced a concert that same night at another venue for people who have already purchased tickets.

Promoting concerts is a very risky and complicated business. There are many factors that could reduce attendance or cancel the show altogether. However, risk is a common dynamic of almost any business. It is good to know that should you take that risk and not be successful, you are not completely at the mercy of your creditors.

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Joshua Lawhorn
Written by Joshua Lawhorn

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