Gail DonaldsonRecently, a man called my home phone number proclaiming to be a deputy with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s office telling me that I had missed jury duty.  Of course, I knew that I had not received any such notice and asked what address any notice was mailed to informing me of the date I was to report to the courthouse.  He only stated the first four digits of my address and stopped.  I told him I appreciated his call but I would follow up with the court myself about why no notice was sent and he hung up.

Later that week, I ran into a REAL deputy with the Sheriff’s office and told him about the phone call.  He told me that was a scam and had been reported to their office numerous times.  He said that the scam artist (if I fell into the trap) would tell me that the Judge issued a fine that I could pay and get out of trouble.  Imagine just how many people have fell into this trap and paid a “fine” over the phone!

Please be wary of any phone calls or emails you may receive from an unknown source.  You should never make a payment over the phone or give out sensitive information via the internet.  Most governmental agencies will mail a notice to you.  Then you would either mail the payment to them or they will require you come in person to pay any fees owed.

Further, the governmental agency or business will have no problem verifying any such fee owed by you calling them!  Do not trust a mere phone call or email from an “out of the blue” source.

Please call on of our Bond & Botes attorneys if you need assistance with your finances.  We want to help you find a fresh start!


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Gail Donaldson
Written by Gail Donaldson

Gail Hughes Donaldson is a Managing Partner of the Bond & Botes Law Offices in Montgomery and Opelika, Alabama. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Auburn University at Montgomery, and a Juris Doctorate from Thomas Goode Jones School of Law. She’s been helping families work through the bankruptcy process since she started with Bond & Botes back in 1993 as a paralegal. Read her full bio here.

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