Attorney Ronald SykstusEvery entity, both government and private contractors, that deal with classified materials has a Facility Security Officer (FSO) or several on staff.  The FSO’s job is to ensure that all steps and procedures to maintain security, both with material and personnel, are followed exactly.   The DOD (Department of Defense) recently reminded FSO’s that they can only look up information in the JPAS system as allowed by law.

March 27, 2015 – DOD Notice to FSOs

Attention FSOs:
JPAS users are prohibited from looking up subjects of whom they have no need-to-know or authority.

Attention! Do NOT Look Up or View Your Own Record in JPAS
As part of the JPAS User Monthly Audit, JPAS systematically audits the database for various misuses to include users who query and/or look up their own records by viewing their Person Summary screen in JCAVS or selected themselves in JAMS.  The DMDC JPAS Account Management Policy states that all users consent to the terms of use of the DoD System of Records and agree to comply with the Privacy Act of 1974, applicable DoD regulations, other applicable laws, and JPAS policies. The Account Management policy prohibits users from querying and/or looking up their own record in the Department of Defense (DoD) personnel security system of records; this a DoD Privacy violation and constitutes a misuse of JPAS.  Notifications will be emailed to users who have violated JPAS policy by querying and/or looking up their own record within the last 30 days as a warning to the user.


I have been handling security clearance cases of all types for several years.  If FSOs have employees who have concerns about their clearance, please feel free to have the employees contact me directly or by telephone at (256) 713-0221.  Some of our most popular blog posts as they relate to security clearance issues and concerns are below.

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