Attorney Robert ReeseThere is an old saying that goes something like this: The most expensive lawyer you will ever hire is the cheapest one. This especially applies to someone wanting to hire a lawyer for a bankruptcy case. I have seen too many debtors receive a rude awakening in court of all places because they chose the least expensive lawyer. Cheap and good are not synonymous and although they may have saved $1000 initially, it cost them much more in the long run. You do not buy a cheap used car without expecting to have repairs and maintenance cost.

Many times clients have consulted with another attorney before meeting with me and want a second opinion which is very wise. Most of the time they have gotten good advice, but that is not always the case. I recall a client being advised by another attorney that income taxes owed could not be discharged in a chapter 7 case or paid through a chapter 13. After reviewing the client’s return transcripts, it was clear that the taxes were dischargeable.

Not every situation requires a bankruptcy case being filed. At Bond and Botes, we will look at all possible solutions and give you an honest assessment.  Your initial consultation is free and with an attorney, never a legal assistant or paralegal. Consider the risk when hiring an attorney for any legal matter and remember that the cheapest lawyer could end up being the most expensive one.

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