Suzanne ShinnThe March 2014 edition of Birmingham Magazine listed my law partner of over twenty (20) years, Brad Botes, in its Top Attorneys 2014 poll in the “Bankruptcy Law” category.  I cannot think of anyone more deserving of this honor to be named among the best of the best in this city.

My association with Brad Botes came about in the early 1990s shortly after the law firm of Bond & Botes, PC began filing bankruptcy cases in central/northern Alabama. Thus began a long standing business of being an advocate for those facing difficult decisions regarding their finances. From the inception of the firm and its purpose, Brad has been a pioneer in framing enduring law partnerships that have effectively represented consumer debtors across a large portion of the southeast. As the co-founder of each of the law offices, he has developed a successful business model which has continuously incorporated new aspects of various areas of the law to protect consumer debtors including inform them of their rights under The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Brad has worked to develop new concepts regarding the effective representation of all debtors and consumers, all the while being available to help younger attorneys in instruction and guidance. He is an effective counselor to his clients and treats people from all walks of life with dignity and respect.

Brad has always considered his career as a service of sorts to the community. He has worked tirelessly and continuously as a board member of the Crisis Center as well as Big Brothers and Big Sisters for more than twenty years. He is always exploring new and viable possibilities to make the lives of those facing hardships and difficulties better.

Most importantly, as a successful husband and father, Brad focuses on his faith and family above all else. It’s a privilege and honor to be his law partner.

Bond & Botes, PC
Written by Bond & Botes, PC

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