If you are a veteran and you want to file a claim with the VA, this is a sample of what a claim should look like from you to the VA. You can simply put it on a regular piece of white paper and make sure it is dated and signed by you. Once you have it completed and signed, make a copy of it and then take the original and mail it by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the VA Regional Office (VARO) located in the state where you currently live. Please ensure that you keep a copy of what you send to the VA and proof that the VARO received it by retaining the form of the green card when it gets returned to you. It is a very good idea to keep a copy of everything you send to the VA and receive from the VA so that you have a complete record of your claim. Once you submit a claim, the VA will request that you answer questions from them and may ask you to undergo a physical examination or two. Whatever the VA requests, please respond to them in a full and complete manner and as soon as possible.

Veterans Assistance Claim Example

Veteran’s full name
Veteran’s full address
Veteran’s Social Security number
Veteran’s phone number

Mailed by certified mail, return receipt requested
VA Regional Office of the state the Veteran currently lives in
Complete street address of VARO
City, State, Zip Code of VARO

Re: Original Claim of Veteran (put down Veteran’s full name) for all VA benefits to which I am entitled

Dear SirMa’am:

I am writing to you to submit my original claim for all VA benefits to which I am entitled. (Explain your exact issue and why you believe you are entitled to service-connected VA disability compensation. You can make this a paragraph or two to explain your disabling condition and how it is service-connected from your military service.)

Please consider this a claim for all benefits which can be reasonably inferred from the facts or circumstances of this claim even though I may not have specifically identified the particular benefit. It is my contention that the VA is obligated to do this under 38 C.R.F. § 3.103(a) and Subpart IV of Manual M21-1MR, Part III. Please note that Section 3.103(a) requires that VA to “render a decision which grants every benefit that can be supported in law…” Also note that Manual M21-1MR, Part HI requires the rating board to consider all issues of entitlement identified by the claimant, or those which can be reasonably inferred from the facts or circumstances of the claim.

Thank you for your immediate attention to my claim. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me at any time.


(Signature of Veteran)
(Printed Name of Veteran)

Ron Sykstus
Written by Ron Sykstus

Ron Sykstus is a Managing Partner of several of the Bond & Botes Law Offices throughout Alabama. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona, Tucson, and a Juris Doctorate from the Northern Illinois University College of Law. Ron has served in numerous positions throughout the U.S. Army and now utilizes his expertise in the areas of VA issues, security clearances, military law, and bankruptcy to assist his clients when they need it most. Read his full bio here.

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