The issue for a lot of married people considering bankruptcy is whether to file a joint case with their spouse or an individual case. You are not required to file a joint bankruptcy petition just because you are married. In most traditional marriage situations, there is a good bit of joint debt or both spouses already suffer from problem credit. A joint filing in this instance is usually the most economical household decision to make. However, many married couples today keep their finances completely separate and their debts separate or one spouse may have pre-marital debt and problem credit and would like to get into a better situation to move forward in their married life. These circumstances may warrant an individual bankruptcy filing and not including the spouse.

Filing a bankruptcy petition is a personal decision and, in a marriage, oftentimes a bankruptcy filing can alleviate marital stress brought on by financial problems. It is helpful for a married couple to seek the counsel of an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help them make this important decision.

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