As the COVID-19 pandemic unfolds and (hopefully) winds down, Bond & Botes will be keeping abreast of all developments to keep our clients in the know. Hopefully, this blog will act as a helpful resource during this difficult and unprecedented moment.

But we’re not the only ones trying to provide valuable sources of information to the public: the National Consumer Law Center has created an extremely helpful page to keep people informed on what protections are in place and who they apply to. This page covers a lot of territory and hits everything from the recent Congressional Stimulus Bill to local relief aimed at reducing the impact of the virus on smaller, more vulnerable communities.

Some of the highlights of this resource include a comprehensive list of major consumer protections announced to combat financial stressors related to COVID-19, a breakdown of the states, counties and municipalities that have enacted non-essential business closure orders, and thoughtful articles addressing the federal response to the crisis and what else needs to be done. This resource alone can be a major supply of news, updates, and information on measures meant to address COVID-19. 

And there’s no reason to limit yourself to the page we’ve linked above – the main NCLC website is an extremely helpful nexus of information that you should keep in mind (and in your bookmarks!) after this crisis has ended and things have returned to normal. Until that happens, continue checking this blog for updates and keep yourself up to speed on new information as it becomes available. 

Like I said in my last post, Bond & Botes wants to keep its clients and staff as healthy and as safe as possible as we work through this trying time together. We will update this blog on a regular basis with new information and resources that we believe will help our readers, client and non-client, navigate the increasingly uncertain waters of this historic moment. Please share this blog with others who are growing anxious about their financial prospects as this crisis develops.

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