Every military service member should know about this law. Older military personnel will know this law by its previous name, Soldier’s and Sailor’s Civil Relief Act (SSCRA). The new SCRA was made effective on December 19, 2003 and it is found at 50 USC 501 – 596, Public Law 108-189.  This law is a complete revision of the SSCRA.  It clarifies the language of the SSCRA and it incorporates and codifies decades of SSCRA case law. Purpose of the SCRA The purpose of the SCRA is to strengthen and expedite the national defense through protection extended by this Act…Read   More

I recently received a kind and thoughtful email from the father of a service member that I represented years ago.  The email read as follows: While cleaning out my desk I ran across your business card. You defended my son years ago when he got involved with the wrong people and stole some ammunition.  I attended his trial and remember meeting you. You got him off with what I thought was a light sentence  My son then went through the Gulf War, attended college and has a great job and has never been in any trouble since. Having been in…Read   More