Any attorney who has practiced law in the State of Alabama for any length of time knows of the law firm of Rosen Harwood. It is well known and highly respected throughout the state.  While in Tuscaloosa recently, I was able to sit down and spend some time talking to Bernard Harwood, one of the founders of this law firm.  During his long and illustrious legal career, Mr. Harwood took various “sabbaticals” from his law firm to serve as a Circuit Court Judge of Tuscaloosa County and also as an Associate Justice on the Alabama Supreme Court.  When he was back in Tuscaloosa with his law firm, he used some of his “free” time to teach on the subjects of trial advocacy and evidence at  his alma mater, the University of Alabama School of Law.  These days, Mr. Harwood can still be found daily doing what he has done his entire professional life, deep in the practice of law, at the Rosen Harwood offices.  I enjoyed getting to know more about this legal legend on this podcast.

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