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I had the pleasure of sitting down with Judge Bob Vance last week. The discussion we had is timely since Judge Vance is the Democratic candidate for the position of Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Judge Vance has served as a Circuit Court Judge in Jefferson County, Alabama since 2002. The Vance family has given more service to our state and country than most. Judge Vance’s father, the Honorable Robert S. Vance, served on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals until his untimely and tragic passing in an evil attack. Judge Vance’s mother was also seriously wounded from the heinous act. Additionally, Joyce White Vance, Judge Vance’s wife, served as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama from 2009 to 2017. She is now a professor of law at the University of Alabama Culverhouse School of Law.

Judge Vance is very well respected throughout the state of Alabama and he was recently endorsed by six former Alabama Supreme Court Justices, three of whom are Republicans. I cover a good bit of ground here with Judge Vance and I think you will enjoy hearing his story. It was a pleasure to meet this man that I have heard so much about over the years.

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