Gail DonaldsonThis week, a common thread of comments from my clients has been “I can finally sleep at night”, “I should have done this a long time ago” and “You make me feel so good right now”.  Why?  They finally put aside the worry and sleepless nights and scheduled an appointment with our office to find out what relief under the Bankruptcy Code looks like for them.  So many people have false misconceptions of how bankruptcy works.  What they may have heard from their neighbor or friend’s situation may be totally different for them.  This week, I met with a couple who came in wanting to file Chapter 7.  However, after their consultation, they learned that a Chapter 13 plan actually worked out better for them.  They were able to reduce the monthly payment requirement for their two vehicles and reduce the interest rate on the vehicles through the Chapter 13 plan and still meet their monthly budget requirements.

I just met with a client who has a garnishment and as a result, she is two months behind on her rent.  As she left, the relief could be seen in her face.  I love helping clients get back on their feet again so when I hear these comments of relief from clients, it is indeed music to my ears.

Don’t put off calling one of our offices to see if we can help bring some “music to your ears” too!

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