bankruptcy-attorney-brad-botesMoney problems create stress. Stress can lead spouses to being short with one another. The failure of a husband and wife to be able to communicate can lead to divorce. In short, money problems often lead to marital problems.

Some couples marry at a young age. They have little or no experience managing household debt. In addition, they often enter a marriage with a significant amount of student loan or other debt. These factors may not have been considered during the blissful courtship period. Sometimes the marriage is a second one. One or both of the spouses came into the current marriage with the financial baggage of a prior marriage. Again, these issues were not explored prior to the marriage. Yet others experience financial problems after entering into marriage. It may be a job loss, sick kid, unexpected medical expenses or just general poor budgeting.

Money Issues Shouldn’t Lead to Divorce

The problem is that couples fail to address the financial problems. They play the blame game and expect the opposite spouse to fix the problem. Marital stress ensues and eventually the spouses are yelling at each other instead of working together to come up with a solution. Unfortunately, the marriage often ends in divorce because the partners were too proud, stubborn or prideful to work towards a solution. Ironically, the financial problems then become worse. The former husband and wife have the same debts but now also have two households to support. It is better to deal with money problems than to ignore them.

Money problems do not need to result in marital problems. They can, in fact, be an opportunity for a couple to learn to work together towards a solution. By working together to fix the problem, the marriage relationship can become stronger and more firmly grounded.

Depending upon how bad the couples finances are, a good option may be to schedule a free consultation with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. This should be done sooner rather than later and while the marital relationship is still salvageable. In fact, I am often referred clients by church pastors that perform marital counselling. In these situations, the couples finances had gotten so bad that they had sought spiritual counseling to save their marriage. The pastor had recognized the root of the problems and sent the couple to me for bankruptcy counseling.

In some cases, the problem may be late house payments and a threatened foreclosure. In others it may be an automobile repossession or wage garnishment. In any of these type situations it is important to meet with an attorney BEFORE the bad thing occurs. In most cases; we can stop the foreclosure, repossession or garnishment and give the couple a chance to get back on their feet.

Very few people look forward to meeting with a bankruptcy attorney but it is better to do so than to end up in a divorce attorney’s office. At our law offices, we offer a free face to face consultation with an experienced attorney who will help you explore both your bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. Please give us a call if we can help.

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