Montgomery Attorney Mary PoolWith the blessed addition to our family last year, my husband and I have decided we need to have a house with a lot more space.  It is amazing how much room an eight month old baby needs.  To begin the process we contacted our realtor and he was able to offer some great tips to help market our home to potential buyers.

Helpful Tips to Help Market Your Home

  1. A first impression is everything, so make sure that your home is extra clean.  It just takes elbow grease and time to clean out the refrigerator and dust your base boards so don’t overlook them when you are cleaning.  You want the buyer to feel like your home is move in ready regardless if it is a little outdated.
  2. Don’t remove all the artwork from your walls. When you have art on the walls, it enables a buyer to see how their personal belongings will look in the home.
  3. If you still have mini-blinds, like us, you may want to consider replacing them with 2 inch faux wood blinds to give your home a more updated look. After measuring your windows, you can purchase faux wood blinds from $11.99 up online.
  4. If you can afford it, consider renting a storage unit to temporarily place unused personal belongings, some furniture and out of season clothing. This will help de-clutter your home and make it appear that it is more spacious to buyers.
  5. Make sure that each of your rooms has a purpose. Resist the temptation of keeping a dual purpose room while you have your home on the market.  If it is a dining room, make it a dining room and not a dining/office combo.  You can put your desk in storage and live without it for a short time if it helps to sell your home.  If you keep a dual purpose room while buyers are looking at it, it can make a buyer feel that the house is too small regardless of their space needs.
  6. If your bathroom(s) still have one of those large outdated mirrors, you may want to consider removing it and buy a small inexpensive framed mirror(s) to hang above your sink(s) instead. This will make the buyers feel that the home has been updated.  Remember:  Most people say that it is the kitchen and bathrooms that sell a house so spending a little money in these rooms will be worth it.
  7. Don’t spend a lot of money updated your home unless you know that you will get a return on your investment in the sales price (i.e., carpet and countertops). Instead, you may just want to price your home aggressively so that it will sell quickly.

If you have your home on the market, I hope these tips will help you market your home and get you an offer soon.


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Mary Pool
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